Start the day off right and join me for a slow morning run on Thursdays.

Running outside and in a slow pace has an energizing effect, helps to burn fat and to boost your immune system. Taking care of our health is so important, especially now.

This group class is suitable for pregnant women, new moms as well as non-moms. For all ladies who want to run, but slowly, and meet like minded women. 

We run at a slow pace, in the so called aerobic zone, at 50-70% of our maximum heart rate, and no more than 5km. 

A morning run is a positive, healthy start of the day! 

Sing up

Book your spot by sending me an email.


Try your first class for free! After that, €10. You will receive a payment link after signing up. 

Small groups

No more than 3 people per group due to COVID-19 regulations. 


Thursdays mornings @ 7h45 until the end of 2020.


Wijkpark De Verademing. You can find me at the stairs, near Suezkade 1, at the intersection of Newtonstraat and Asmanstraat. See the location on Google Maps.

About me

I am a certified running therapist and outdoor life coach. I blog about what we can learn from running about the art of living. I am currently pregnant and I will continue to offer running training and running therapy as long as my body and baby are ok! 

Yes, I’ll be there!